What is the role of my diabetes health care team?

Stock PhotoDepending on your circumstances your team will consist of:

  • Your GP and practice nurse
  • A dietician (possibly)
  • A podiatrist (possibly)
  • Diabetes Eye Screening Service
  • Your local Pharmacist
  • Your Optician
  • A  Diabetes Specialist Nurse or Consultant (possibly)

The team is there to support you to manage your Diabetes. The aim is to provide continuity of care from clinicians aware of your medical history and background. The healthcare team will work with you to manage your condition by providing you with ongoing education, appointments and information such as leaflets or web links. It is important that you understand you are involved in the decisions about your care and treatment; it is essential you ask questions about your condition so that care can be tailored to your needs.

You will be asked about how you are feeling emotionally and offered assistance if things are getting on top of you. If you are planning on starting a family, pre and post natal care will be arranged supporting your Diabetes with the obstetric team. It is important that you share your experience with family, friends and partners and perhaps allow them to attend your reviews so they too can learn about the condition and support you.

We strive to ensure patients are receiving the best possible services. To help us achieve this we use Diabetes UK’s 15 Point Healthcare Essentials checklist to ensure we are covering all areas of your care and also to help you manage your diabetes in the best possible way.