Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation Programme



This programme is funded by Macmillan Cancer Support in conjunction with Frimley
Health NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. The programme is available for patients who have a Berkshire GP.
The Programme is a step-by-step approach to living with and beyond cancer, giving you and your carer a range of tools and opportunities that can enhance your recovery and improve your ability to “tackle tomorrow”. We offer a range of tools including physical activity, health and well-being programmes, psychological support and social support. All these services are supported by trained cancer professionals.

  • Exercise programme: Being more physically active can help you cope with and recover from the negative effects of cancer, such as tiredness and lack of stamina and confidence. Our exercise classes are a great opportunity to meet people who are experiencing similar issues as well as a way of helping you cope with and recover from the negative effects of cancer.
  • Self- management and education: Being informed enables you to understand your condition and empowers you to manage it more effectively. We provide a range of educational courses to suit your needs.
  • Psychological support is also available and having the support of professionals can really make a difference in how you cope with your illness. We can offer referral to RELATE counselling for relationship issues of any kind, not just ‘couples counselling’, or we can refer you to a clinical psychologist who sees people who struggle to move on once their treatment has finished.
  • Social support – Being able to share your experience with others who have been through something similar can be really positive and uplifting.

Please let us know if you are interested in any of the above, and we can arrange for you to be booked in as appropriate.

Telephone: 01344 662 909 or email:

More information on the rehabilitation programme can be found here.