Extended Hours Stakeholder Engagement

The national Improving General Practice – A Call to Action was issued by NHS England to collate views on how to shape the future of general practice services in England.  One of the key policy areas is to extend primary care services across 7 days per week, in response to patient feedback and also to the policy across the wider NHS for 7 day working.

The CCG commissioned a programme of stakeholder engagement through ELC (experience Led Commissioning) to consider the services across 7 days that would benefit patient with long term conditions and those who find is difficult to access services in core hours i.e. working age population.  The report from this exercise is available here.

This co-design exercise was the framework for the CCGs original application to the Prime Ministers Challenge Fund (wave two).  The application was successful in securing local funding from the CCG, rather than national funding from the Prime Ministers Challenge Fund, which ensures the local rather than national focus on designing the services.

There was further engagement with existing primary care providers and stakeholders to design and resource a local model for extending the hours of local general practices.  More information on this co-design exercise is available below:

 Date Event  Useful Information
 14th January 2015  Positive Futures Event
 19th February 2015  Challenge Event
 28th April 2015  Extended Working