Medicines and Prescribing

Locally we have a team of Pharmacists who work to help us get the best out of medicines for our population. This team is called the Medicines Optimisation Team.

Medicines Optimisation is about helping patients and health professionals to make the right treatment choices and use them correctly. We use an evidence based approach to choosing prescription products which balances the safety, tolerability, value and simplicity. When decisions are made the discussions involve GPs, Consultants, Pharmacists and Patients. Sometimes the decisions can be difficult and we have to make recommendations that involve changes to treatments or restricting their use but the overall aim is to get the biggest improvement in health for the most people with the resources that we have.

The list below gives you some examples of things that come under Medicines Optimisation – although there are many more:

  • Giving health professionals unbiased information on new and existing medicines
  • Supporting health professionals and patients to get the best from medicines
  • Helping avoid harms or side-effects caused by medicines
  • Developing guidelines to ensure conditions are managed as well as they can be
  • Making sure patients with specific characteristics that interact with medicines get a treatment that is tailored to them as an individual
  • Communicating with hospitals and community pharmacies

Overall, our aim is to improve the health of the local population by promoting safe, effective and efficient use of medicines.

You can contact the Medicines Optimisation Team on 01753 636845.

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