Lower Your risk of Dementia

The Joint Prevention and Self-Care (P&SC) Steering Group agreed in January 2015 that more preventative messages around Dementia should be promoted in the local community. The P&SC Steering Group wanted to get across to individuals that Dementia is not a natural, inevitable part of ageing and that furthermore, if a close family member develops dementia, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will too.

It was decided that the Project Manager for Prevention and Self-Care would produce an A5 leaflet comprising of preventative dementia messages on one side and links to further information and organisations that support those individuals living with dementia and their families on the other. Bracknell Forest Council and Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group Communications finalised the design of the leaflet.

The leaflet was distributed to approximately 43,000 households in Bracknell Forest. The distribution of the leaflet started on the 14th May 2015 in time for Dementia Awareness Week 2015.

Lower your risk of dementia leaflet

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