Jump Start! (Schools Skipping Initiative)


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Jump Start! was for every Year One and Six pupil attending a Bracknell Forest Council managed primary school (approximately 2700 children) and took place during the week beginning Monday, 18th May 2015. The initiative was to promote physical activity for kids and the wider family unit and skipping was chosen due to the popularity of the skipping ropes during Self-Care Week 2014.

Dr. Martin Kittel, Director and Self-Care lead for Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Skipping is a great way to have fun and keep your family fit and healthy. A great many A&E attendances, hospital admissions and even GP appointments are avoidable if people improve how they look after themselves. One of the key areas to remaining fit and healthy is doing the recommended amount of physical activity each week. This doesn’t have to mean running a marathon but can include gardening, housework or washing the car

Jump Start! consisted of an hour-long skipping lesson that was held at a time during the week of the school’s choosing, however most schools gave the skipping ropes out on Friday, 22nd May 2015. Different lesson plans were created for Year One and Year Six pupils. At the end of the event/day each pupil got to keep the skipping rope they had used and were also given an information leaflet we had prepared to take home. The information for the leaflet has been supplied by Bracknell Forest Public Health and the leaflet has been designed in the Bracknell Forest Self-Care branding.

In terms of the skipping rope design we choose to go with one red handle and one black handle with a yellow rope (themed on jump leads).

John Nawrockyi, Interim Director of Adult Social Care, Health and Housing at Bracknell Forest Council, said: “This is a really exciting initiative using something that is easy to do and fun to encourage children to be more active. Engaging children in physical activity from a young age can be very beneficial. Hopefully through Jump Start! we will be able to get more young children interested in being active and their example will encourage their friends and family to do the same.

The Skipping ropes and paperwork were delivered to schools on Friday, 8th May 2015. The paperwork included multiple copies of all the lesson plans and information leaflets so the school didn’t have to print them off.

Each year group at each primary received a box containing skipping ropes, information leaflets, lesson plans and two double-dutch length skipping ropes.

If a school decided not to take part in the hour-long session they  still received the skipping ropes and information leaflets so the pupils could each take home a skipping rope and information leaflet.

Feedback from Jump Start!:

“The main benefits were getting 120 pupils introduced to a form of exercise that they may not have considered (especially boys) and bringing the value of doing this to their parents. Also the Year 6 pupils benefitted from the leadership opportunity to organise the Year 1 pupils.

We are a very active school with a lot of opportunity for physical activity. I hope that skipping will become a feature of home activity for our pupils.

We would welcome anything that helps promote healthy lifestyles – maybe for other year groups!”

“Year 1 were able to take part in the session and Year 6 did a mini skipping session as a starter to their lesson. In all 56 children took part in the event. Benefits for my Year 1 class proved that they needed the basic skipping skills but also the stamina to keep going. It boosted confidence in children who didn’t think they could skip and goals to achieve throughout the next term at home. Skipping is also a focus for our health and wellbeing week that we are having next week”


Supporting Documents:

Jump Start! Information Leaflet

Jump Start! Year One Lesson Plan

Jump Start! Year Six Lesson Plan

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