Choose Better Campaign (September 2015)

As part of promoting the correct use of the Urgent Care Centre to residents in Sandhurst and Crowthorne, the Prevention and Self-Care Steering Group in June 2015 agreed to fund the design, printing and distribution of a leaflet/poster campaign. The reason for this campaign is that at the time there was an overuse of Frimley Park Hospital’s A&E Department by the residents of the aforementioned areas for minor injuries and illnesses. These minor injuries and illnesses would be more appropriately treated at the Urgent Care Centre and in the process cut waiting times and lower costs. The Leaflet/poster was based around the “Choose Better” campaign, which the design company door22 had created for Torbay Hospital A&E.

door22 were commissioned to produced a similar poster to that of the winter Choose Better campaign they produced for Torbay Hospital but with amendments so that it was identifiable with the residents of Bracknell Forest and that promoted the Urgent Care Centre.

It was decided that as this leaflet was around the correct uses of health services as opposed to social care, only the NHS logo would appear on the leaflet. Another decision the Prevention and Self-Care Steering Group subsequently took was to expand this campaign to the whole of Bracknell Forest as opposed to just Sandhurst and Crowthorne.

The leaflet has had input from Dr Martin Kittel (BACCG), Daniel Green (BFC PH), Kate Kitto (BACCG), Mary Purnell (BACCG), Lynne Lidster (BFC), Steve Eker (BFC ASCHH) and Matthew Clift (BFC ASCHH / BACCG). The leaflet was distributed to the Prevention and Self-Care Steering Group in August 2015 and approved.

Zoë Johnstone (Chief Officer: Adults & Joint Commissioning) gave her approval for the leaflet to be distributed to every household in Bracknell Forest.

D2D Distribution Ltd was paid to distribute the leaflet to close to 43,000 households. The distribution of the leaflet took place the week commencing Monday, 28th September 2015.

To view the Choose Better Campaign leaflet please click here.

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