Bowel Cancer Screening Campaign (June 2016 – October 2016)

This campaign, which was the third Prevention and Self-Care campaign of 2016, was initially scheduled to be the “Back to School” campaign. However the focus of the campaign was changed to promote the screening and prevention of Bowel Cancer. This decision was made by senior members of the Prevention and Self-Care Board in-line with information received from the May 2016 Bracknell and Clinical Commissioning Group Primary Care Intelligence Pack.

The overall message of the campaign was simple – “the later a diagnosis is made, the more difficult bowel cancer is to treat. If you have been invited to take part in bowel cancer screening, make sure you do it, as it could save your life.”

Initial views on the direction this project should take were collected from key stakeholders at the end of June 2016. These stakeholders included senior management of Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group, Healthwatch Bracknell Forest and the patient and public representatives on the Prevention and Self-Care Board.

It was decided the campaign would consist of a three pronged approach:

  •  A leaflet to be sent to every household in Bracknell Forest promoting the benefits of Bowel Cancer Screening.
  • MJog SMS messages being sent to individuals eligible for the test but who have not taken part in the last three years reminding them of the benefits and importance of taking the test in relation to preventing Bowel Cancer.
  • A social media campaign through partner organisations’ accounts to promote Bowel Cancer Screening in Bracknell Forest. This took place the week of the distribution of the leaflets.

It was decided that the main focus of this campaign would be a leaflet mail push to every household in Bracknell Forest (approximately 43,000 households).

From the initial views, multiple leaflet designs promoting Bowel Cancer Screening were created, which were sent to all members of the P&SC Board for comment. These comments led to further designs of the leaflet being produced. Dr Martin Kittel, Clinical Lead for Prevention and Self-Care was consulted to ensure the information used in the leaflet was medically correct.

The final drafts of the leaflets were sent to design and print on Monday, 26th July 2016.

The leaflet had input from the public and all partner organisations represented on the Prevention and Self-Care Board. Senior managers from Bracknell Forest Council, Neil Haddock (Chief Officer: Commissioning and Resources), and the Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group, Mary Purnell (Head of Operations), gave their approval for the leaflet to be distributed to every household in Bracknell Forest.

D2D Distribution Ltd was commissioned to distribute the leaflet to close to 43,000 households. The distribution of the leaflets and posters took place the week commencing Monday, 3rd October 2016.
The Bowel Cancer Screening MJog campaign took place the same week as the distribution of the leaflets. Each GP Practice linked to the Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group sent two messages to registered individuals aged 60-74. The messages are given below:

MJog 1

You are currently eligible for free NHS Bowel Cancer Screening every 2 years. This is extremely important and screening saves lives. Have you had the test? Contact 0800 707 60 60 or visit

MJog 2

You may feel fit and well on the outside but you can’t always tell what’s happening on the inside. Bowel Cancer screening saves lives! Have you had the test? Contact 0800 707 60 60 or visit

To view the bowel cancer screening leaflet please click here.

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