New Projects for 2016

Following successful bids through our Innovation Fund, these pilot projects were given the green light at our recent OLT/Governing Body workshop.  It is anticipated that these projects will commence February 2016:

Green Gym at Jealott’s Hill landshare community site

This pilot project is aimed at those with low to moderate mental health issues, with particular reference to depression and dementia.  The project will provide an outdoor programme of resistance type exercise with indoor options for inclement weather.

The project will be based at Jealott’s Hill landshare site (JHLS) Warfield, a 6.5 acre site leased by Bracknell Forest Homes from Syngeta with other key partners Bracknell Town Council and Warfield Parish Council.

The majority of the funding will be used to employ a project coordinator for one year to:

  • research good practice elsewhere
  • design and pilot a variety of “green gym” programmes
  • promote the green gym in the locality to referral agencies
  • encourage self-referral through various marketing activities
  • evaluate effectiveness of the interventions
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Wellbeing and Self-Care referral

This six month pilot project is for a community mapping and scoping exercise of local groups (and regional groups in certain specialisms) that support people’s health and well-being and/or are involved in the delivery of health and social care services.

The mapping of these organisations and the scoping of these services, support capacity and the expertise they contain will be a resource at the end of the project for health and social care professionals to encourage individuals, couples and families to take more responsibility for their own self-care, health and wellbeing.

At the end of the pilot, the mapping of services will be available as an online resource making it widely available for health professionals and the community, this will be publicised through Involve and Healthwatch.