A Call to Action: Have Your Say on the Future of the NHS

ctaNHS England is calling on patients, the public and staff to join in a discussion about the future of the NHS so it can plan how best to deliver services, now and in the years ahead. It has launched “The NHS belongs to the people: a call to action”. This sets out the current issues facing the NHS, identifies future challenges and the impact on funding of doing nothing. You can access a copy of the document here.

There have already been changes to make savings and improve productivity. The NHS is on track to find £20 billion of efficiency savings by 2015. However, further change is needed to protect high quality healthcare, free at the point of use. This does not mean cutting core NHS services or charging for them; NHS England is governed by the NHS Constitution which protects these principles.

The launch of the Call to Action heralds the beginning of a nationwide programme of engagement to start a public debate on the difficult questions, seek ideas and feedback. The NHS Choices website gives further information on the Call to Action. Please do visit the site and leave your comments: www.nhs.uk/nhsengland

We very much look forward to working together with the local community on the bold actions needed to build an excellent NHS now and for the future.