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Success in Delivering Public Health

A mid-year review by Bracknell Forest Council Public Health team shows that we are performing well in delivering a range of public health services.

The table below shows performance this year compared with the same point last year.

Service  2013/14 2014/15 Change
Health Checks Delivered 765 1743 128%
No. of Smoking four week quitters 129 153 19%
People starting weight management 29 196 576%
Opiate Completion & Non-representation 8% 14% 75%
Non-Opiate Completion & Non-representation  31.60% 35.40% 12%

Our CCG is also in the top 5% nationally for giving the right care for those with diabetes as the graphic below shows:

Adults with Diabetes

For further information on this item, please email Dr Lisa McNally, Consultant in Public Health: